Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Finnish Pulla Bread

Here is the recipe link.
This was a delicious and easy bread. It reminded me alot of challah, but with a bit of spice, which I liked. This was our last day house sitting so I took advatage of the stand mixer. Now it is back to reality/old fashioned mixing. I do enjoy using a wooden spoon. I think you get a better feel for the dough, but the process is much faster with the mixer.
Anyways, I divided the recipe by 3 so I could make one loaf. See below for pictures of the process.

The wet mixture, before all the flour went in.

Dough, on floured surface, soon to be kneaded.

Dough, after first rise. There were two additional rises.

Dough, after second rise, divided in thirds to be braided.

A beautiful braid!

The finnish-ed (pun intended) product!

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