Friday, February 11, 2011

Super Bowl Soft Pretzels

I made these pretzels last year for the superbowl. Its a pretty simple recipe from Alton Brown on the foodnetwork. They were a big hit so I decided to bring them to the party we were invited to this year.
They were just as good. I was able to make the dough in advance, and pack it up in a ziplock. I brought along the baking soda, salt, egg wash to assemble and bake on site.
Side note, I love Alton Brown.

He might be my celebrity crush. I love the way he dissects recipes, explains the science behind things in an easy to understand way, and tells you the best methods and equipment to use.
And I love that his recipes actually work.
Here is the link for these delicious soft pretzels.
Dough ball, before rising, at my apartment.

Pretzels after being formed in my friend's fancy kitchen.

After boiling in the water/baking soda, brushed with egg, and sprinkled with coarse salt.

The finished pretzels with the rest of the delicious feast in the background.

I made, but forgot to photograph, a spicy honey mustard dipping sauce for them. It was a mix of some chipotle sauce, dijon mustard, mayo, and honey.
Soft pretzels, two years running now, are destine to be a super bowl classic for me.

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