Thursday, January 27, 2011

Brioche Part 3

Last night I finished up the brioche. (steps 7-10) And I'm sad that the whole process is over.

I don't have a brioche mold, so I made little rolls. This is before they rose.

One of the rolls, post rising, glazing, and scoring. I made an x with a pair of
kitchen shears on each one and sprinkled them with a bit of finishing salt.

The finished product. If you could only smell the butter. It was heavenly.
All and all, this was a great recipe. Sweet, rich, lots of flavor. The hardest part was waiting and scheduling the process. It took a full three days, using the maximum resting/chilling times.
They would be delicious for brunch. And I think if you made it in loaf form, it would make superb french toast. Sad to finish this, but at least I can drown my sorrows in buttery brioche.

PS I want a set of brioche molds now....

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