Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Brioche Part 2

So I lied the other day. I only made it to part 1 of the recipe on Sunday. But on Monday night I got caught up to part 6.
I have been house sitting for some friends this week. The reason I chose to make this recipe (besides the fact that brioches is amazing), is that they have a stand mixer! Perfect for step 3 which involves adding the eggs and 8T of butter, 1T at a time.

Whirling sticky dough with about half the butter.

Doubled after rising. Then it chills in the fridge, gets punched down, and chilled again.

After the 2nd chill, you flatten it out to a rectangle and, business fold 2x.
It's like folding a letter in thirds to fit in an envelope. Then you turn 90 degrees and repeat.

Dough wrapped in plastic and a zipper bag for its 2 day chill.

The dough has been sitting in the fridge since then to develop the flavor. Tonight I will finish this and hopefully have some sweet buttery brioche rolls.

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